The Globaltronics 3GS Smart Kiosk provides high quality commercial display in a luxurious housing. The 3GS Smart Kiosk is a combination of DID (digital information display) hardware and the touch screen panel which is a digital image device that shows information and advertisements through a combination of excellent hardware design, smooth software integration and flawless network maintenace making the 3GS SMART KIOSK a stand-alone product.

The 3GS SMART KIOSK is capable of providing content to the public at any time,place, and for any purpose in real time through the use of a proprietary Digital Signage System (included on each unit).

Because of its efficency, Globaltronics 3GS SMART KIOSK succeeds in driving customer traffic and encouraging their curiosity through the platform’s dynamic design and high-tech capabilities which in return increases sales through targeted recommendations and cross selling. This dynamic and engaging solution provides great benefits to retailers, advertisers, and consumers.

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Product Features

Globaltronics 3GS Smart Kiosk is a new-concept business advertising that enables the client to advertise on a variety of means anytime and anywhere via display interactively.

With Globaltronics 3GS Smart Kiosk, delivering your message to your target audience is now easy and more effective than any traditional ads because of these following High-Tech key features:

Multimedia Function for more Productivity

The 3GS SMART KIOSK is equipped with built-in speakers that add to its abilities to deliver high-quality advertisements and other intended content.

No separate PC's. No jumbled wires

Manage your content without having to install and run wires to a separate PC. The 3GS Smart Kiosk features a poweful built-in PC. And with it's optimized CPU, RAM and storage, you'll have anything you need to get your message across effectively!

Reliable Protection that Ensures Durability

Globaltronics 3GS Smart Kiosk digital signage was built to stand the test of time. With the panel protected by a special tempered glass which supports a clear image of the screen contents and with its internal components encased in durable steel the 3GS SMART KIOSK remains durable for years to come.

Packed with 3GS Digital Signage Software: a User-Oriented UI

It delivers the contents into the public at any time and any place, and for any purpose in real time through the 3GS Digital Signage Software, making commercial advertisement and broadcasting schedule using various contents to a different type of displays even through the network.