Attract and dazzle with Globaltronics' Rear Projection Displays:


Transform retail window displays into media walls with 3M Vikuiti Rear Projection Film.

Widen your audience in more ways with 3M Vikuiti Rear Projection Film. This display system provides a new innovative solution that turns any clear surface into a projection screen for dynamic visual marketing. With a customizable and free-shapeable screen, you can create unprecedented visual impact from every angle and generate additional interest in your sales and marketing messages. It's easy to get started. All you need is a stand-alone system, a projection surface with Vikuiti rear projection film, a digital projector, a PC or media player with Digital Signage software and your desired content.

Product Features

Wider viewing angles, wider audiences

The unique screen construction of 3M Vikuiti™ technology allows extremely wide viewing angles.

Higher contrast and colour

3M Vikuiti™ technology continues to perform when others start to fail – especially in bright daylight.

Customized shapes and sizes

3M Vikuiti™ rear projection film can be cut into any desired shape for a compelling visual display, which cannot be duplicated with a standard plasma or LCD display.


Capture the attention of passers-by and transform passers-by into shoppers.

Innovative and mobile, light weight dislpay system that provides stunning visual clarity. The 3M Brand Ambassador specializes in targeting the line of sight of customers, while their humanoid cut catches the attention of your customers.

It can be conveniently assembled and displayed in any retail location as airports, banks, malls, office lobbies and store aisles to advertise, inform or entertain consumers in high traffic areas such as public venues and retail environments.

Product Features and Benefits

  • 3M Mobile Ambassador intergrates 3M VikuitiTM Rear Projection technology, a projector with advanced content management tools
  • Allows customized advertising content
  • Capable of communicating full-motion, customized content video projection with or withour audio projection of compelling, high-quality motions digital content and audio
  • Excellent contrast and color at all viewing angles (180O viewing angle)
  • Projected display screen performs under a variety of lighting conditions
  • Display panel can be customized into any shape or integrated with other graphics for a compelling visual display
  • Can be conveniently assembled