Globaltronics, Inc. is the Country's Pioneer and Leader in providing LED Billboards that are scattered around the different parts of Metro Manila and other parts of the country. Our LED Billboards are cut above others in terms of aesthetics that captures the attention of passersby.

Globaltronics is accepting Ad Placements for our LED Billboard sites that are scattered around the country. We create and craft ad placements based on our client's demand.

Globaltronics LED Sites:

Digital Media Content

Globaltronics, Inc. Creatives Team transforms electronic data files into rich and structured interactive digital content. This is accomplished through a combination of advanced technologies, reference libraries of ready content, experienced graphic designers and programmers based on different industry standards.

Globaltronics, Inc. specializes in providing rich fully attributed content. Globaltronics offers content creation services both from hardcopy catalogs as well as electronic formats like PDF, XLS, CSV, text etc. Globaltronics can provide any layouts as required by our customer relative to their intended content for the target Digital Signage. Content Management Services includes Classification, Cleansing Enrichment and Content Creation.

Check out the team's works: