Spirit of Giving 2021: Smile behind the Mask | Mary Grace Khu

Mary Grace Khu will be joining as our main host in Spirit of Giving 2021: Smile Behind The Mask, a charity online concert for the benefit of Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Medical Frontliners and PARCaralan Scholars, on December 4, 2021, Saturday, 7:30 PM (GMT +8).

It will be streamed live via Globaltronics’ YouTube account and Facebook page from DigiPARC, the first “Truly Digital Events Place” in the country.

Support our modern-day heroes from the PGH who are selflessly putting their lives and health in danger to care for and cure our sick brothers and sisters, especially during this time of COVID-19. Support also our PARCaralan Scholars who want to pursue their passion for music, arts, and theatre and become productive members of society.

Follow @PARCPH and Globaltronics to get more details.

Support the youth and the arts. Donate to The PARC Foundation. Visit bit.ly/SupportThePARC or scan the QR code.

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