Stranger Things Vlog at Glorietta Ayala Malls

Even if the Season 4 Finale of Stranger Things has ended, the ‘Under World’ fever is not over just yet. Globaltronics is there to bear witness.
In our 4th vlog, join our journey to Glorietta Activity Center-turned-Vecna’s Lair amped up digitally by Glorietta’s LED screens.
Being the biggest in the country today, Glorietta’s 3 x 12 m x 15 m 3-sided indoor screens are perfect for the launch of Volume 2 of Netflix’s phenomenal TV series.
Together, let us see and feel how the experience was enriched visually and cinematically by the larger-than-life LED screens proudly designed, supplied, and installed by Globaltronics, the leader in digital innovation.