The PARC Foundation and Globaltronics launch charity online concert ‘Spirit of Giving’

The Performing Arts and Recreation Center (PARC) Foundation, together with digital innovator Globaltronics, invites everyone to watch “Spirit of Giving 2021: Smile Behind the Mask,” a charity online concert for the benefit of Philippine General Hospital (PGH) medical frontliners and of PARCaralan scholars, happening on Dec. 4, 2021, Saturday, 7:30 p.m.

It will be streamed live via Globaltronics’ FB page and YouTube account from DigiPARC, the first “Truly Digital Events Place” in the country. DigiPARC is located in San Juan City.

“Spirit of Giving 2021: Smile Behind the Mask” is the third edition of this annual charity concert series, which started as a physical concert in December 2019, before COVID-19 hit. It raised funds to support the activities of The PARC Foundation’s beneficiaries, PARCaralan Scholars.

The COVID-19 pandemic is now on its second year. While everyone has been praying for an end to this health crisis, various events, natural and man-made, have caused the crisis to linger on in the Philippines and many parts of the world.

Because of the pandemic, the Board of Trustees of The PARC Foundation decided in March 2020 to close its artists hub in San Juan City until such time that it is safe for its scholar beneficiaries to come back physically.

Using meager resources raised through various fundraising activities, PARC was still able to provide online classes to its current PARCaralan Scholars so as to continue the legacy of its late founder, Wilmer Ong Guido. Wilmer’s dream was that of a sustainable ecosystem for the performing arts, with PARC premises serving as an open hub where talented but underprivileged artists can congregate in, hone their skills, equip themselves for their future careers, and become relevant contributors to society.

In spite of the pandemic, PARC wants to recruit and train more performing arts scholars from underserved communities to fulfill Wilmer’s dream. Its goal is to have 300 scholars by 2025. It wants to find, train, and develop more wonderful young musicians.

PARC and Globaltronics cannot do it alone. They need the help of like-minded individuals and organizations to sustain the scholarship program.

PARC and Globaltronics chose the theme “Smile Behind the Mask” because they foresee that toward the end of 2021, Filipinos will experience the real turning point from COVID-19 to a better world. The vaccine roll-out is now gaining momentum and expected to make our lives better real soon. We will be able to see all the smiles that have been hidden behind face masks all this time.

“Spirit of Giving 2021: Smile Behind the Mask” aims to raise funds to support PGH medical frontliners who have been risking their lives to care for and cure our sick brothers and sisters during this time of pandemic and the PARCaralan Scholars who want to pursue their dreams of becoming successful performing artists and productive members of society.

“Spirit of Giving 2021: Smile Behind the Mask” will feature Singaporean classical tenor Corey Koh, award-winning Filipina singer-songwriter Nicole Laurel Asensio, the Philippines hottest Internet musical sensation Gigi De Lana and Gigi Vibes, and PARCaralan Scholars. PARC trustee Maestro Rodel Colmenar and the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra will also perform together with Corey Koh and PARCaralan Scholars.

“Spirit of Giving 2021: Smile Behind the Mask” event partners are DigiPARC, Globaltronics, ChinoyTV, and Believe PH.

For more details about the “Spirit of Giving 2021: Smile Behind the Mask,” please follow @GlobaltronicsPH or visit www.globaltronics.net.

Source: https://mb.com.ph/2021/11/27/the-parc-foundation-and-globaltronics-launch-a-charity-online-concertspirit-of-giving/

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